juci offical press text


"If my voice had a colour, it would be orange! 

juci [pronounced ju:tsi] presents her first solo album. She does not only sing the songs, but has written the lyrics as well as all the music. The album was produced by her brother Albin (who has - among others - produced Count Basic's "Bigger & Brighter" CD). Being brother and sister, Juci and Albin have worked together since their early childhood days.

"Soul Moderne" - that's what they call their unique conglomeration of cool programming, fat  beats and intensive vocals mixed with traditional instruments. In her songs Juci touches topics like love, pain, arguments, reconciliation, friendship, and family, but also death. 

At the beginning Juci was rather reluctant to open her inner feelings to the public. She finally made a decision for what she calls a "striptease of her soul", and began writing her lyrics in German to reach the hearts of her public more directly. "German is my mother-tongue and in this language I can work with beautiful metaphors and paint even more colourful pictures". 

The result makes you sit up and listen carefully: Wonderfully sensitive soul music with a lot of sensual power. Far from the transient glory of trashy pop-culture. Each of the songs leaves a sweet and pleasant aftertaste and several reasons for pressing the repeat button on your CD player. "The best feeling for me is when people come to me after a concert and talk about my songs, because they know these feelings and have experienced them as well."

translated by franz deckenbach